• Trend report - Alfresco living

    Australia enjoys one of the most moderate climates in the world and we take full advantage of this by living, and entertaining, outdoors as often as possible. Home design has responded to this continuing trend with a greater focus on how to incorporate alfresco areas into our homes.

    Traditionally, the outside of the house wasn’t given a great priority. Sometimes a deck might be included – maybe with a pergola to offer some shelter from the weather – but, more often than not, no consideration was given to the outdoors lifestyle of the occupants.

    Today, this has all changed. Almost every new home in Australia now includes a purpose-built and specially-designed alfresco area. This is a response from builders, architects and designers who recognise that Australians are willing to invest in their lifestyles and create spaces that actively support the idea of outdoor living.

    Your alfresco area can be attached to the house as an annex, with either a tiled or deck floor being the most popular option. Most alfresco areas include a roof structure so the space can be enjoyed even if the weather is inclement. This roof structure is often a pergola with either a flat or pitched roof design, or the space can be included under the main roof structure of the rest of the home, making it a more integrated room.

    The trend towards this inclusive approach to alfresco spaces has also seen more focus given to the way the occupants move from inside to outside the home. Bi-fold or stacking glass doors that tuck away neatly are very popular as this blurs the boundaries between indoors and out and creates a large indoor/outdoor entertaining space.

    Another popular inclusion is a servery which allows for food to be prepared in the indoor kitchen but then easily transported to the outdoor eating area. This servery can be an extension of the indoor kitchens’ benchtop or could be a large window that opens from the kitchen to the adjacent outdoor space.

    If you love living and entertaining outdoors, talk to our team of experts at Natura Homes today. We design custom spaces to suit your family’s lifestyle and have the experience and passion for our craft to create a home perfect for your needs.

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