• Speed v Quality v Budget

    With any building project there is a fine balance to be found between speed, quality and budget. Any good builder has the experience and the expert knowledge to find this balance to ensure the quality of the build is not sacrificed but, significantly, also doesn’t take an unacceptably long time to produce or blow out the budget.

    With any building project these three components – speed, quality and budget – must exist in harmony. Naturally the goal is to ensure all three are achieved to the standards expected by the customer but it’s important to note that all three are linked and a change to one will affect the other two.

    Every customer is different so each will have a different priority – for some it will be quality and therefore they will be willing to invest the time and the money to achieve this goal. For others it will be speed, so they will be willing to sacrifice something of the other two areas to achieve this. In other cases the priority will be budget, although, it’s important to note that choosing budget doesn’t mean you’ll end up with an inferior build, just as paying over the top won’t guarantee a better quality result.

    So, before you embark on any building project consider your priorities. Which of the three areas is your main priority and be honest with your builder about this. All builders are focussed on satisfying their clients’ needs so let us know right at the start and we’ll work with you to achieve that goal.

    If your priority is speed and we can’t meet your deadline we’ll let you know straight away and won’t waste your time. At Natura Homes we use a Gantt chart which is a timeline plan for your build. All builders should supply this when they tender for your work as it confirms the schedule for the build and specifies a handover date. It also provides a good reference point for both you and the builder to monitor progress and make arrangements for factors outside our control, such as the weather.

    If your priority is quality then this will impact on the timeline. It simply takes longer to deliver a higher standard of work.

    If your priority is budget we have the experience and knowledge to provide advice on where we can find cost savings and give you some guidance as to what is a realistic budget for the job at hand.

    If all three are of equal priority we can work with that, too. The main thing is to be clear with your builder right from the beginning so we are all working towards the same goal. Talk to Natura Homes today and find out how our fantastic customer service and experienced builders can have you living in your dream home as soon as possible.

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