• Plan your dream home for 2018

    As the year draws to an end and our focus changes from renovation planning to family and Christmas celebrations, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about a new home for 2018. Too often we put up with a home that doesn’t suit our needs but the busiest times – usually around Christmas and holidays – are where the lack of planning or functionality really takes its toll.

    Catering for visiting friends and family over the festive season puts pressures on your home like at no other time of the year so now is a great time to start thinking about what you don’t love so much about your home so you can plan for what you will love about your dream home for 2018.

    Make a conscious effort as you cook, clean, entertain and juggle multiple celebrations and think about what functionality you’d love in your home. Does your kitchen help or hinder when you’re trying to cook for a large family function? How does your bathroom manage with extra visitors needing to all share the space? Are there enough bedrooms for interstate visitors? Do you have an all-weather outdoor area where you can relax and enjoy our amazing climate?

    All these areas – and many more – can be addressed with a new luxury home from Natura Homes. We can organise the demolition of your existing home and build where you live right now so you have all the benefits of a suburb you love but with a brand new luxury home that caters for your needs. Or, we can help you source an empty block of land that’s the perfect size and location for your new home.

    When you pop in to have a coffee and discuss your dreams for your family home, bring us all the information about what’s not working in your home right now. That will help us understand your needs and design and build a home that is perfect for your family both today and as it grows in the future.

    At Natura Homes, we specialise in designing and building luxury homes that create a relaxing, enjoyable and functional environment. Our homes are custom-designed and custom-built so we can incorporate all the areas that are important to you. Give us a call today – we are taking appointments for 2018 builds now.

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