• More than just a building company

    Did you know Natura Homes offers a range of additional services and benefits to customers? Our aim is to be more than just a building company so we’ve expanded our offering to include a variety of practical and useful services that help us build positive relationships with our clients.

    In addition to our top-quality building work and personalised design services we can also work as part of a team with your architect or building designer. We offer a full range of project management services to ensure every aspect of your project is handled correctly. A qualified, expert project manager is a vital part of the construction team and it’s their job to ensure every aspect of your building work is completed on time and in the right sequence. The project manager becomes a liaison between all the contractors working on your project and they handle the vital communication that keeps your project on track and ensures time is used efficiently. Having a project manager on site every day gives our customers peace of mind knowing they will hold all contractors accountable for their work and their timeliness.

    At Natura Homes, we recognise that many customers don’t know where to start other than knowing they need a new home so our goal is to build long-term relationships based on trust and understanding and to make our customers’ lives easier by offering all these services in the one place. Natura Homes can advise and look after:

    • Obtaining building permits and approvals

    • Liaising with architects, engineers and surveyors

    • Producing engineering drawings

    • Obtaining BASIX or ERR certificates

    • Carrying out soil testing

    • Appraisal of your block of land and advice on how to best use the space

    So, if you know you need a new home, but don’t know how to get started why not drop into our office or give Natura Homes a call today? We have expert, qualified builders and designers on hand to get your project started and look after it from the very beginning to the very end.

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