• Laundries - let’s get organised

    The laundry has traditionally been considered a purely functional work zone. However, a new focus on design and integration of spaces means this is no longer the case.

    Thought and effort in planning your laundry will make the world of difference to the end result. Innovations in storage solutions and internal cabinetry organisation have improved work flows in this room and have helped to de-clutter the space. Integrating these concepts into a laundry renovation allows the room to become more functional, streamlined and systematic. The laundry now has the opportunity to become a clearer, fresher space within the home.

    If your laundry and bathroom are in the same room, then building your washing machine and dryer in underneath the vanity bench is a good way to keep the space neat and organised. The vanity basin can even double as a laundry tub if needed. If this will be the case, look for a basin that is deep enough to hand-wash clothes, or to fill a mop bucket easily. You still want it to look stylish and there are plenty of options available.

    If you have room for a standalone laundry, look for ways to make it an inviting space. Allow for plenty of bench space and install shelving to utilise your wall space. A fold away ironing board is a great asset to your laundry. Install your washing and dryer under the benchtop to give the room a clean modern edge and make sure you have ample cupboard space to store products out of sight. Keeping the space clean and tidy will not only inspire you to be in the room but will also make the job of washing a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

    A European laundry often sees the laundry elements concealed behind sliding or pocket doors within a kitchen space. This is often useful where every centimetre of the room needs to be maximized – or maybe you just don’t need a large laundry. Concealing the laundry within the kitchen is a great way to save space but also keep the functional parts of both rooms located in one place.

    Remember your laundry needs to meet your needs. Whether it be multi-purpose, maximum bench space or storage solutions. Plan your laundry to reflect the design of the home, your lifestyle, how many people in your family, the type of washing you do and how often you need to do it.

    Specialist designers know how to create laundry spaces that work, and are a joy to be within. Talk to Natura Homes today about how we can help design a laundry that’s as unique and individual as you are.

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