• How do I find a luxury home builder?

    There are plenty of builders in the Canberra area so how do you make sure you choose the right builder for you? There are many characteristics that will make a builder “right” for you and your family and it’s crucial to the success of your building project that you find a builder who is professional, trustworthy and fully-qualified.

    In addition, qualities such as being easy to contact, a commitment to quality and being willing to work with you towards a common goal are key elements. There are some basic areas you should cover first with any builder you are considering for your project as these will help in the initial culling process.

    First, ask about a builder’s licence – sometimes also called a building contractor licence number. This number certifies that your builder is properly licensed and you can check this licence number with the Department of Fair Trading to see the company history. The next area to cover is insurance. Home warranty insurance is a legal necessity before any work begins while construction insurance can apply to individual jobs or be held by a company on an annual policy basis. Also ask about public liability insurance cover – we recommend a minimum of $10 million in cover as a must.

    Finally ask about happy customers. Previous jobs can tell you a lot about the quality of the builder so make sure you ask for references, and addresses where possible, of completed projects. Take a drive around and check out the work for yourself. If you’re able to speak to the clients personally, ask for specifics such as was the job finished on time and on budget, and are they satisfied with the end result?

    After you’ve covered off on the essentials, a few more areas to consider are experience, expertise and communication. Consider how long the builder has been working in the area, how many homes they have completed and what types of homes they have built as this will help you develop a picture of their experience. Depending on the type of home you wish to build, you may seek a builder with a specific area of expertise or specialist experience to suit your needs.

    Communication is the key to any successful project as you and your builder will be working in partnership for several months. It’s important you feel you are able to communicate with your builder and the company in ways that suit you. If you are offered several methods of communication it tends to mean you’ll feel more comfortable about feeling involved in the process.

    At Natura Homes, we’ve built a reputation for quality, luxury builds for happy, satisfied customers. We are members of the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association and, as such, make a commitment to high standards of workmanship and quality. Talk to us today about your dreams for your luxury home.

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