• Home Design Trends for 2017

    It’s time to get out our crystal balls and look into the future and what 2017 will hold in terms of trends in home design. Certainly, the way we live in Australia, and particularly here in Canberra, has changed over the years so join us as we take a short walk through some of the trends we see as continuing into 2017 and beyond.

    Kitchens: larger, open kitchens will continue with more technology incorporated into our living and entertaining environments. Colour schemes will reflect a new focus in individualised, personalised spaces with custom-designed storage solutions becoming the norm.

    Bathrooms: larger format tiles that create a more luxurious finish. An investment in lifestyle will see homeowners choosing higher quality fittings and fixtures with a focus on how material selection helps with the enjoyment of the space. We’ll also see more interaction between the ensuite and master bedroom with less definition between the spaces and a more “open” design.

    Alfresco: with our climate ideally suited to living and entertaining outdoors, an alfresco area will become a “must have” item for any new home. Rather than an “add on”, the alfresco area will be designed as an integral part of the living and entertaining space with consideration given to traffic flow and how the indoor/outdoor areas work together.

    Green: technology in eco-friendly design and products is only set to continue and this means more choice for homeowners to make their homes environmentally friendly. “Green” design is no longer considered and alternative but is rather becoming accepted as part of mainstream design and construction practices as homeowners realise how cost effective and easy it is to incorporate these elements into the home’s design.

    Layouts/Planning: As the way we live, work and play continues to evolve, so does the planning and design of our homes. Many homeowners now telecommute to work requiring the addition of space for office/work areas, we now entertain much more at home meaning more focus on how multi-functional spaces can assist when the crowds descend, our busy lifestyles mean more effort is put into those times when we can relax and unwind. And our homes must be designed to suit.

    Natura Homes keeps their eye on emerging and enduring trends year-round. We keep abreast of new developments in technology and construction methods to ensure we are offering the most effective and personalised services to our customers. If you are building a new home in 2017, talk to us today and see why Natura has a long list of satisfied customers in the Canberra region.

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