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    When it comes to planning your home, thinking about how you live, entertain and relax is vital – particularly if you have a family. Today’s modern homes often include a variety of living spaces – some are multi-functional and some have specific uses but all are important in helping you obtain the lifestyle you wish to create.

    We will often find a large family living space adjacent to the kitchen which reflects the current trend towards open-plan living. With the kitchen often functioning as the hub of the home, it’s important to think about the family space in and around this open room to ensure it functions well. Here’s where well-thought-out planning and design will play a key role in the success of the room once you move in and really start to use the space.

    Traffic flow is one of the major considerations – particularly at busy times of the day. It takes an experience designer and builder to create ways for people to move in and out of the family room and kitchen without causing traffic jams or restricting movement.

    From an aesthetic perspective, thought also needs to be given to the additions within the room – items such as furniture and built-in joinery such as entertainment units – to ensure a cohesive finish that complements the colours and textures within the kitchen.

    If you have a two-storey home, you’ll often also have a casual relaxation area upstairs. This may be used as a parent’s retreat or somewhere the teenagers can hang out with their friends to give the adults some peace and quiet. It’s normally centrally located outside or adjacent to bedrooms so, again, consideration of traffic flow is vital as well as access to facilities such as bathrooms.

    You may also have a more formal lounge/dining room as part of your design. Traditionally located at the front of the house, this room was normally kept for when “company” was visiting but can also today be used for more formal events such as birthday dinners or Christmas lunch. As a room that’s used less often, you’ll need to think about what space you’d like to allocate within the home as well as what sort of design ambiance you wish to create within.

    Whichever inclusion suits your family, the best start is to talk to an experienced builder and designer who can help you create the perfect space and a home you’ll love. At Natura Homes, we bring a personalised approach to every home we design and build so we can tailor-make a home to fit your family’s needs. Come and have a coffee with us today, and let us share our knowledge and experience with you and your family.

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