• Colour in the kitchen

    The humble kitchen has come a long way in the evolution of our homes and lifestyles. A mere 100 years ago, the kitchen was relegated to the back of the home, a place no visitor would dare to enter, where the fittings were basic and the technology non-existent. It’s sometimes easy to forget just how simple and austere the kitchens of yesteryear were but creature comforts were not considered necessary for servants and many modern-day time-saving devices had yet to be invented.

    Today, the kitchen has become the central hub of the home – a space which welcomes friends and family alike, where we relax and reconnect, where meals are lovingly prepared and dinners are shared and enjoyed. When thinking about the type of kitchen you’d like in your new home, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with choices and end up sticking with a “safe” colour scheme. But, choosing colour for your kitchen can allow you to express yourself and your personality in a way that adds to your enjoyment of the space and how visitors react to the space when they are in your home.

    Some homeowners are daring and opt for a bright or eye-catching colour for the cabinetry which can be paired with a feature splashback or special handles for added effect. Others prefer to opt for a more subdued palette but colour can still play a huge role in the success of the room’s aesthetic appeal when applied correctly. Why not opt for a splash of colour in your appliances? Stainless steel and white are not your only options here – look for manufacturers who offer a wider range of colours.

    Why not think about a bright pop of colour for your glass splashback? This can be in the form of a solid colour or, with today’s amazing technology, could be a favourite photo printed on glass or aluminium or an interesting graphic in keeping with the design of the kitchen. You could add colour via accessories such as small appliances – kettle, toaster, coffee maker etc…

    And here’s a tip: cabinet interiors don’t have to be white. If you prefer to “hide” your colour, why not think about choosing a coloured interior for your drawers and cupboards. Imagine the surprise of your friends and family when they go to fetch a coffee mug!

    When thinking about colour in your kitchen, or any area of your home, it’s great to run your ideas past an expert such as our team at Natura Homes. We have a highly experienced crew of home builders and designers on staff and we can offer advice and assistance with making sure your colour scheme will work, won’t date too quickly, and will suit both the style of the home and the lifestyle you wish to create.

    Give us a call today to discuss your ideas for your new home and let us lend our expert opinion and years of experience to your project.

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