• Building a new home – how do I compare quotes?

    The decision to build a new home should be an exciting opportunity but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the process of finding a builder and, in particular, comparing different quotes. Each builder has their own style of quoting but making an informed decision is really just a matter of understanding the right questions to ask.

    In terms of your site, here are some areas to consider:

    • Is temporary fencing included in the quote?
    • Are the site works, footings & slab quoted as per soil test?
    • Are all sediment control measures & fines included?
    • Engineers frame inspection included?
    • Provisioning for site access included in quote?
    • Site identification survey included?
    • Footings & slab engineer inspections (& re inspections) included?
    • All building approvals, insurances & certification included?
    • Are supplier delivery charges included?
    • What insurance is included?
    • Is the site left clean and tidy with any excess soil & rubbish removed?

    The next important step is to ask about the inclusions that will help make the home suited to your family’s needs and tastes.

    • Who is the colour consultant and how much time has been allowed?
    • What external features (hoods/awnings/batten screens etc) are included in the price?
    • What is the specification of the air conditioning and what percentage of the home can be cooled at any one time?
    • What is the finish to the soffits?
    • What is the specification for the hot water system?
    • What bathroom accessories are included and which models?
    • What is the specification for the cabinetry in the kitchen, laundry & bathrooms?
    • Are insulation batts included to all external walls & ceilings? (If so, what rating?)
    • What type of splashback is allowed for in the kitchen?
    • What type & size are the robe doors & what is the fit out to all robes & linen cupboards?
    • What is the specification & furniture for the internal doors?
    • How many ceiling manholes are included?
    • What is the finish to the driveway?
    • Is the letter box included?

    It’s also a good idea to ask about the handover and orientation process as this will give you a good indication of how easy the transition to moving in will be. Also ask how many maintenance inspections have been allowed for after handover, just to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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