• Building a “green” home

    As information and education around the idea of environmentally-friendly building practices and sustainable construction has spread, Australians have embraced the idea of building their own “green” home. In general, a “green” home will focus on energy-saving and water-saving products and design, as well as the use of sustainable or recyclable building materials.

    Together with choice of fittings and fixtures, a “green” home will also be oriented on the site to maximise solar design principles plus look at where natural ventilation can work with insulation to provide comfortable conditions, year round.

    Homeowners often feel an environmentally-friendly home is a more expensive option but this has been proven not to be the case when you build with a company that specialises in this area and has the specialist knowledge and experience to guide you in making the correct product choices. A sustainable home will actually save you money in reduced bills for consumable items such as water and electricity.

    Another area a home can be “green” is during construction. Items can be re-used or recycled, and building products can be chosen for their high levels of sustainability. But there can also be a focus on reducing waste during the building process and managing how the waste is disposed of.

    A home that is friendly to the environment will also be friendly to its occupants. A well-designed ventilation system will contribute a great deal to the wellbeing of the homeowners and create a much healthier environment in which to live. Building products with less fumes or toxins mean the air inside the home is less harmful while an investment in water recycling and energy conservation ensures the home is sustainable for much longer.

    At Natura Homes, we specialise in building dwellings that are environmentally-friendly with a focus on sustainable building design and construction. We are passionate about investing in “green” homes as we know we can contribute in a positive way to the health of our planet and the lifestyle of our customers. Talk to us today about your dream “green” home and let us share our expertise and experience with you and your family.

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