• A Luxury Home

    What defines a house as a luxury home? Size is the first criteria, although much can be achieved with a compact space in the hands of a talented designer. Fittings and fixtures can be chosen to reflect a sense of luxury and create a space that oozes with glamour.

    The inclusion of quality amenities such as saunas, bars, home theatres and the like can also define a home as luxurious.

    A luxury home does tend to be a large home, often with many wings to suit the different needs of the occupants. For a luxury home to include all the facilities required, a large area is often needed and an over-sized home does create an immediate impression of opulence.

    But, with clever design and layout, even the most compact of homes can be given a touch of luxury. Particularly with the increases in technology of late, its more than possible to include multi-purpose rooms within the home with moveable, slideable or liftable elements that can transform one room into another.

    Another area to consider is ceiling height and hallway width. Higher ceilings and wider hallways are automatically associated with luxury living and these two spaces can add much to your luxury lifestyle.

    Your choice of fittings and fixtures can also add definition to your luxury home. From your choice of flooring and window coverings to your bathroom accessories and kitchen fit out, these items can add that special finishing touch to a luxury home.

    And don’t worry if your budget doesn’t allow you to include every item on your wish list. It’s very possible to create the sense of a luxury home by picking a feature item for each area of the house and investing in making that item the centre of attention. For example, a freestanding bath or taking your tiles up to the ceiling area two strategies that automatically make the bathroom feel more luxurious. Or, in the kitchen, choose your appliances all from the same manufacturer to ensure a cohesive visual finish.

    At Natura Homes, we specialise in designing and building luxury homes for all family shapes and sizes. We know how to use clever design and careful layout to maximise every metre available so give us a call today and let’s have a coffee to discuss your needs.

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