• Healthy Home Design

    Natura Homes offers healthy home design and construction with integrated technologies

    Owners Danny and Lucas have had years of experience in the renewable energy sector and building industry and believe creating a healthy home is important for our clients’ ongoing wellbeing and health. When we approach the design and construction of a new home we consider a wide range of areas including:

    • Utilising breathable surfaces and finishes that contribute to naturally controlling internal humidity levels and preventing mould growth and condensation.
    • Designing for good cross ventilation to ensure sufficient fresh air exchange. Health benefits include better energy levels and potentially less sick days for the residents.
    • Use of non-toxic building materials and finishes to ensure the body’s immune system is not placed under stress from potential off-gassing chemicals.
    • Minimising exposure to electromagnetic fields which promotes better quality sleep and a stronger immune system.
    • Minimising excessive moisture through good design to guarantee a favourable environment within your home. This eliminates or greatly reduces the risk of mould and dust mites and dramatically reduces the residents’ exposure to potential biological toxins.
    • Reducing static from synthetic carpets and inclusion of ducted heating systems assists reduction of positive ions and promotes negative ions. Negative ions are associated with forests, the ocean and thunderstorms and have been found to be highly beneficial for overall health and wellbeing.
    • Careful research and selection of non–toxic building materials, surfaces and finishes that ensure maximum health for you and your family.
    • Use of LED lighting technology to minimise energy consumption within the home.
    • Employing the latest grey water system technologies to make use of grey water (‘waste’ water from the shower, laundry etc) where appropriate, within the home.
    • Integrating solar panels systems into our new homes to create homes that minimise the reliance of ‘grid supplied’ electricity. This not only produces dramatically reduced electricity bills but also adds to your homes’ decreased ‘carbon footprint’.
    • Use of zero VOC and non-toxic paints.
    • Options for double, triple glazing or low-e glass glazing.
    • Inclusion of smart ventilation technologies.

    We understand how your home can contribute to your ongoing health and we have the expertise – and the passion – to create and build a home you’ll love. Take a look at our gallery of success stories then give us a call. Lucas and Danny look forward to meeting you personally to discuss your needs.

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